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love from the other side

i really like this song i think, reading the lyrics i enjoy interpreting it to mean soemthing to me. sorry, im a  little drowsy right now i dont relaly know what im saying ijust wanted to write somehting T_T. 

some lyrics that really stick out to me....

"We were a hammer to the Statue of David

We were a painting you could never frame, and

You were the sunshine of my lifetime

What would you trade the pain for?"

i like the rhyme scheme here, it flows really nicely :3

"Every lover's got a little dagger in their hand" 

everyeones capable of betraying someone they love. this could be seen as dagger in the hand as holding a dagger, or dagger stabbed in the hand, lol! 

i can wait for the realse of so much (for) stardust. im gonna save up so ic an see them when they tour... oh what id give to be in the vicintiy of pete wentz. 

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