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my special interests!!!!

for me it is souper hard to have more than a couple of genuine interests at a time, even tho there ARE lots of things i care about!!! to show myself there are lots of thimgs i like im gonna infodump here about many things

sparkie showed me blaseball and it altered how my brain works. it may have ended now but i luv it forever forever forever. baseball but a horror game and sometimes blorbos would just. die forever and ever over and over again bc an ump said so . or a god or something. gear up core down mechs good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danganronpa !!
danganronpa is.............................. cringe..................... it sucks. the story is bad and sexist and badly done. but i could fix it. so i like... i have my ocs from it! one day im gonna make them their own game or comic or something?!?!!? i didnt like danganronpa til an old friend made me join their roleplay and i watched a playthrough forever back (cuz i still never played them myself lol)

THAT and liek... kins.... i dont kin much but dangnanronpna is one of those 1s i have kins from and even tho dr kinnie spaces SUCK i liek my kins. also i think they should have given mugi pants she is so GIRLBOSS boygender and she deserved it

build a bears!!
i love build a bear!!!!!!! theres so many id love to own but my room is only so big... i have all of the frogs (except the HUUUUGE pink one!) thou!!

my build a bears are called:
  • spork bongwater (green forg)
  • plinko (tie dye blue forg)
  • nesquik (pink frog)
  • crayon (rainbow frog)
  • arson (christmas lights frog)
  • milkshake pavlova (pink tie dye frog)
  • stove (small green frog)
  • fridge (small dark green frog)
  • straw (tiny green frog)
  • sandwich (giant green frog)
  • slushie (teal frog)
aaand i have these guys without names:
  • bunny
  • OLD bunny
  • hearts bear.........
  • tiny rainbow froggy

minecraft is epic ive had it since 2013 and i mooooostly play vanilla, but atm i have a modded server wif some friends!! i have pet cappuchin monkeys..........

my favorite thing 2 do on minecraft is to find a mushroom biome and turn it into one BIIIIG city heres the progress pictures of the time i did that on the mc server i help run (its called flowerbed mc!!!!!!!  come say hi!!!!!!!!)

to do this first me and my friends covered ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the mycelium wif netherrack......


i luv shinx!!! sinnoh is the best region andf idk anything about the new games... my bestie bff mish got me arceus thou and i love it i have 6 shinx and one is shiny?!?!!?!?

i really like making and writimg stories for original characters?!?!? my ocs are mostly danganronpa themed but i also have furries and dudes who r guys!! roleplaying them is fun and helps me focus when its 2 overwheolming to do anything else

my fursona is two different doggys sewn 2gether half is blue andhalf is green and he's gay and and has silly hair. funny dog

i like computers and spent 2 years learning to fix and build them at school!!! im kinda terrible at it but it means ive somehow kept my old pc going AND it doesnt even explode when i play the sims...........................

one day i want 2 collect keyboards!!! i have this amazing crayola one its HUUUGE and i bought it on ebay<3

SO YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

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