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Pincurling my Hair Saga - 1

I feel like I have enough vintage clothes, shoes, accessories, nya to finally try the anxiety-inducing VINTAGE HAIR. I have very, very, very long hair. But now I have hair scarves so if it goes terribly I can maybe not walk around looking like Hermione Granger ;v;

I'm going to try for a 40s kind of hairstyle, which was based pretty much entirely on your face shape. I have a round/heart-shaped face so I based it off that. I also found this book:

10 Hollywood 50s Hairstyles Book 

which details how to pin-curl your hair to get such hairstyles. Obviously it says 50s - the main difference was that in the 50s, shorter hair was in vogue, and fashion was simultaneously more traditionally feminine and also somewhat more "aggressive" (more defined, angular...) which I'm going to attribute to the birth of the teenager and no I don't accept criticism for this theory. But my hair is long and I dress 40s enough that I don't think it's an issue really - the premise and ideas for pin curls was the same.

Anyways - Vera Ellen (p.12) has the same hair texture + face shape as me! On the top of the head the hair goes on medium-rollers to stand up curling backwards away from the face, the side-front sections (from ears forward) get 9 curls each curling down towards the face, and then the back sections are curled down to point up towards the ears. She did use combs to tuck the hair back at the sides, I feel like I might just let mine loose? But that defeats the point of the style...

June Allyson has thicker hair but a similar curl to Vera Ellen, except the 3 medium curls on the top of the head become 2 large ones that stand up and point to the side of the face.

Kathryn Grayson also has a heart-shaped face but hers is also very thick and short, so I think I won't bother attempting it unless my attempts at the first two go wrong.

I also read chapter 4 of this book:

Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s

On one hand, I think I should do the off-base curls so that it's more 40s, but on the other hand... I have silky, thin, limp hair, and I think I need all the volume I can get so aaaa idk!! Plus I'm not sure how well an off-base curl would stay in my hair.

So anyways!! I'm going to go shopping I think on Thursday. and with all the nonsense I've had recently I'm going to make it a little treat-me day B) So hopefully by Friday or Saturday I can share my results?? :D

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thank you for linking this; june allyson's fits my hair length perfectly! my hair is quite a bit thicker than hers, but maybe i could find a way to work around that. hopefully.

my hair type is closer to kathryn grayson's than it is to june's, but alas, my face is round. not heart-shaped at all-- just a circle T.T in your opinion, could it possibly work?

all 3 of them are absolutely gorgeous, though! and treat yourself, you deserve it :)

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omg fellow vintage hair enjoyer!!!!

First of all, super jealous that you got thick hair - but also I think Kathryn Grayson's hair style would work perfectly for a round face! The main goal in the 40s was to make your face look oval no matter what, so for a round face that means adding length (which you will definitely get with Grayson's!), and for a heat-shaped face that means adding length and trying to round out the pointiness of your chin. (Mine isn't pointy enough to qualify for a heart-shape, but also just to angular to be totally round :p) But the chin issue is moreso resolved with your clothing and jewellery around your neck than your hair :) - This video (1940's Makeup and Hair for your Face Shape | Vintage Tutorial 1946 ;by Glamourdaze on Youtube) goes over the basics for makeup, hair, and clothes in terms of adjusting face-shape, and you'll see Ms. Round-Face gets a hairstyle that looks basically identical to Grayson's. That's why I included it in my little blog post even though our hair textures could not be more different haha. The difference between Grayson + Glamourdaze's video is that Grayson wore a ton of deep, scoop, crew, off-the-shoulder necklines, and round faces should wear V-necks instead. So in terms of hair it would be perfect! :D

Agreeed they are all so pretty - I'd like to try every one before I die lol. If Elizabeth Taylor could break the rules and still look that good then I can too x)

by Motte; ; Report

honest to god, i'd never thought about the effect that the neckline has on face shape, but they (and you) are absolutely right-- it makes a HUGE difference! brb, re-starting my wardrobe...

and that's right! become the goddess you're meant to be!

by pastelprincess2001; ; Report