I used to ghost hunt

Back before my four-wheeler broken down (gonna get it fixed) I used to ghost hunt in an area with high activity. I used to love just going up there in the mountains, just sitting around in the dark. 

To explain the area a bit, there is an old house just before the trail that's been abandoned. The previous owner moved out swearing "The Devil" dwelled there in the house. Now the owner was a bit out there (absolutely no disrespect). When I explored the house, I found mirrors, a staff, a witch jar, and a few bones. I left them all alone because they're not mine to mess with. The house is overgrown and decrepit. 

Once passing the house, far on the trail, you'll be lead to a cemetery on the hillside. It's well kept and I never intruded on the area but I have parked below it. Where I'd park was about 20 to 40ft from the first graves. I'd park under a canopy of trees near a stream. Around 100ft away is an abandon gas well.

Now to move on to some of the events. A few times, we've heard voices, screams, whistling, and singing in the area. We've witnessed ghost lights in the trees and around the stream. Trees and brush being broken in the dark. Rocks being thrown and odd smells.

The most notable event was while we were sitting around a small fire. We weren't near the cemetery by the way. As we went quiet, something charged at us through the brush. Keep in mind, there's wild animals in the mountains. I drew my kn**e and my friend hid beside of me, unarmed. I kicked on a flashlight and swept the area where it was coming from. Absolutely nothing was there. No broken brush, no footprints, nothing. The sound of it's size would have left a clear path but nothing was there. We ended up sitting back down and just laughing it off.

I do have other stories of the area but I just decided to share this story. I had time to waste so I wrote it out. I used to collect stories from elders and people witnessing events in southern West Virginia. It was always the lesser known stories. 

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Wow, very interesting!

I have heard that West Virgina & Virgina/ surrounding states have a lot of strange/ paranormal activity!!!

I would def love to hear more stories!!! :)

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Thank you. I've posted a few of them in my blog section. I'll be adding more eventually.

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