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idk should i read homestuck

it sounds cool but its like what, 8000 pages, DDD: aahhh idk

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charlie :]

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i think you should its pretty silly and cool :] however it is a pretty long term thing so take that as you will

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hometsuck mentioned hhhhHHHHHHH
homestuck is a long term commitment, you'll most likely take breaks from it, and you don't have to finish it so its def worth at least trying out. but is it worth sticking to it?... the first 3 acts are slow paced but the 4th is my fav. homestuck is a rlly unique experience so I personally recommend it. also, if you hav'nt heard of the unofficial homestuck collection, its basically the way to read it now flash is dead, but its a pretty big download so if your'e jut trying it out, the website is fine xp.

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