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uni friends <3

idk but ever since the pandemic happened, i thought that i was a horrible person in general and that i couldnt keep friends. i'm glad I changed that perception of me because i found wonderful friends since i got into uni!! i got nice results for my spm (9A's 1E i failed addmath hehe oops) and i got my first choice which was diploma in graphic design >.< AND THE PEOPLE HERE IS SOOOOOO MUCH FUN OH MY GOD 

the fashion students here are so slay everyone dresses so good AND I CLICK SUPER WELL WITH THREE OF MY CLASSMATES before this, all my friends are just the typical malays yk but THEM. THEY LIKE VOCALOID AND SANRIO AND I GET TO TALK IN ENGLISH OR MANGLISH W THEM we're on the same side of the internet so i could make a meme reference and they would get it hehe idk i just never thought i would have such a perfect connection with other people :( i'm really happy i'm friends w them...... sometimes we would grab some coffee and just hang out and talk. AND WE'RE ALSO IN THE SAME COLLEGE BLOCK SO SOMETIMES THEY WOULD STAY OVER IN MY DORM AND ITS SOOO NICE T-T my roommate is also one of the three ppl i click w so they're completely fine when the other two come over to hang out!! waaaa i hope we get the same college block next sem :>

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