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The importance of Epigenetics in the future

I believe that epigenetics (changes in. genetic expression based on environmental stimuli)(why. identical twins stop being identical) is going to be fucking huge in the future.

Its a good question to askis that after natural selection was removed from the human experience (lets. put this for thinking about it easys sake at roman times) have. we grown smarter

The argument I hear that we havent grown smarter is that weve only grown smarter because our general base knowledge has grown smarter and like education also. Which is true. If you have an experiment designed where you have one person get a liberal arts. bachellors and. another. person recieve no education, the educated person is going to "technically" be smarter based on his past experience with applying his brain.

But, its been shown that if a kid has at least one obese parent,  their chances to be obese. are increased based. on genetics. Now its also increased based on the influence the parents have on their behavior, but theyve also distinguished the. nature from the nurture from eachother and have. shown both cause the incresed chance to be obese.

Now that. alone shows how. epigenetics can be passed on vertically. between generations.

So, why cant knowledge be passed on the. same way.


Why cant like everything be passed onin that way

AND THATS why. i think its gonna be huge  in the future

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