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Hello! I'm new!

Helloo, I'm looking 4 friends. Before I go on further, the first few things I saw on here were.. Gross adult men LMAO
So, let me put a disclaimer here

I'm 20 years old. If you're someone whos under 16, don't message me please. I would preferably want to make friends with people who are okay with me being an adult. I'd also feel very uncomfortable talking to kids online tbh lol. 

Anyways, if you are 16+ then here's some things about me:))

My name is Ivan and I'm turning 21 in septemberrrr. I play genshin impact and Minecraft! I don't support anything related to pedophilic actions, I'm really careful with what I say or do online. (I brought that up because there's a stereotype that genshin fans are really gross with the kids ingame) I'm Russian, and I love chatting! I try to be as humorous as I cannnn. I'm not an impudent person either, I'm really soft and I try as hard as I can to not start any conflicts because I have a life outside of the internet where there are things like taxes, bills, a job, and college I need to focus on so little arguments online are pretty irritating to me. I have ADHD and i don't know if its obvious by how detail I'm going with this blog but I have social anxiety so that's another reason why I'm extremely careful with what I say often

So yeah, i don't know how this works but lmk if your cool with being friends with me :P I don't know if my post is going to come off as "wow! This guys is cool!" or "Eh.." so I'm hoping for the best @_@

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