I haven't really been eating, and I feel like it is normal now. I have done this before, and I keep coming back to it. It's just who I am at this point. I am ready to just let it take control. I have fought against it for so long, but I need to look better. Hating myself, I guess, is just who I am. No one has to know except you guys. And don't try to help or change my mind. It won't be worth it. 

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Hey love, I know it's been rough recently but even the scum of the earth deserve a couple meals a day. Even if you hate every bite it's important to nourish our bodies so we can live happily one day when things have passed. I used to have bulimia in college and it hurts to know that I felt that way, but I also understand. I have a couple friends that sustained lifelong health complications from EDs too.. if you can't eat for yourself today then do it for your future self. You're worth it <3

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