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first Kanye now Rick and morty ???

Whaaaa t? Crazy clown world.

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man, right? i really do b missing the old kanye... back when his music slapped and he wasn't a fuckin loser. i wonder what's gonna happen to r and m now that everybody knows roiland is a wifebeating asshole, that show was funny af

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fr Crody im so torn about Kanye he was my #1 artist on spotify in the replay and Im Jewish. Im keeping his songs liked but i skip them everytime they come up now

as for rick and morty I keep Picturing a new Episode in my dreams . The entire cast Just jokes about how They should acknowledge the Not Guilty verdict and Move on. Like "oh geez rick just like OJ simpson huh" "yep morty *Burp* it was Not Guilty so Lets move past it."

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