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me when i (music finding ... documenting. idk)

i like finding new <- (operative definition; music new to me) music in chunks at a time, so there's usually decently large sprawls of tracks with the same date added- or sometimes a good 2-3 days' span, before however long again it is until i do this again.

usually these frantic 'i Need new Sounds in my Ears or else I'll explode' eras are caused by me trying to find uber-specific songs for Needing new Sounds in my ears or else i'll explode-ing purposes, or otherwise; character playlists TwT.

but eventually a few months later i look back and go 'hey look at that span of entirely songs i ripped from actually varied youtube playlists (rare)' or maybe 'ohhh thats the 8 songs with the word 'chimera' in the title in a row. yeah.'

i like remembering the silly little !! the goofy !! the circumstances that led to me now getting to loop a song over and over and (etc) and i think it might be fun to try and document that here bc. idk what else to do shrug.

also if anyone is. actually reading this. i dont know how to accurately talk about music other than 'i like it :3c' :thumbs_up:

SO: new music hunting document the first? (possibly recurring. possibly not.)

hunting method: started with bandcamp but then moved to spotify rlly quickly bc i had a queue of songs i had wanted to listen to later/listen to more of the same artist by on there in a playlist already set up.

i don't usually listen to full albums all in one go esp when on a 'music hunting trip'?? idk what to call this TwT. i usually jump around in similar artists and features and random albums of someone's unless i happen to really adore their sound

notables: ([song name] - [artist])

pk love - pregnancy pact :  found them on bandcamp when absentmindedly typing in videogame references, and got a ridiculously up-my-alley song in return. they were on spotify too which is fun for my attempts at organization >:) listened to the rest of 'a better hill to die on' too ; they bring in horns on the latter two tracks . horns my beloved

two headed tiger - sayurblaires : i had found this artist that one time when scrolling back as far as i could on the trans bandcamp tag but only listened to one song- 'portside's a funny place, but you'll grow to like it here' and so wanted to listen to the rest of the album now <3 ;

doomsday clock tick tick tock - ...of death : i had a few songs liked from their 'generation of vipers' album and wanted to round it out shrug. i think i also came across their 2000 demo on yt which i loooved bc the drums had this terribly compressed/recorded but also kind of better for it sound.

why - may leitz : found 'wow' on bandcamp, and wanted to listen to the other two songs in the release :thumbs_up:

i never use the shoreway - aloha : another song from the same album ('roanoke born', album is 'the great communicators, the interpreters, the nonbelievers')  has been a favourite of mine for a while but somehow i hadn't listened to anything else from this band yet???

 i just want you to eat. - my little pony is jesus, god is me :3 : this release (eating disorder lovers) isnt on the artist's bandcamp or spotify- i found out that both this and 'beautiful lovers, beautiful suicide' existed via and then was absolutely distraught it apparently wasn't available until i found both on youtube. i hadn't gotten to listening to this one yet, until now

Music. yes. woo

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holy shit someone else know my little pony is jesus god is me

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