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☆ FIRST POST! hiiiiii

Saw somebody post their spacehey profile on twit, so I got curious n made myself a space too!

Pretty glad I found this one too! Considering the shit thats been happening with the major social medias atm (*cough* twitter *cough*), I was starting miss the days where u can customize ur own acct, how the online landscape wasnt so homogeneous and wasnt shrunk down to just 3 maybe 4 major sites.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with this acct tbh. I was unfortunate to be still be a wee baby when myspace was in its prime, so its gonna b a bit for me to get the hang of how this site works

Maybe this is where I can post my devlogs for when i finally sit down n make that neocities! Not to vent or anything but um...... recently I realized I Kinda wanna get away from social media atm!!

I feel like over time being on social media often has kinda made me anxious and paranoid. I haaaated having to fucking overthink posting anything that could be perceived as cringe on my own fucking accounts to prevent the possibility that it could be the post could have me marked as one of the big laughing stalks of the internet. And from what ive seen, neocities is like the perfect place to be cringe and free in comparison to most social medias these days.

I do draw sometimes! The anxiety I mentioned abt social media n stuff has unfortunately carried over to me as an artist as well, sooo there is stuff im kinda too scared to post on the big social medias atm. Maybe I can post em here? (Be fuckin nice to me ok dajkdjk)

I've gotten into pin collecting recently, maybe I could also blog about my pin + trinket hauls too!

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this is so relatable in literally every aspect TToTT i also came here from twt lol hope you enjoy spacehey!!

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tyy ToT

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