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[Journaling] (Day 1) I'd rather speak it out but my spoken English gets incoherent after a while.

A friend of mine had the idea of starting journaling their days. My lack of personality and her ability to have good ideas led me to follow this very same path, in hope of finding better days.

Today was a boring day. Like so many of my Saturdays before, I did absolutely fuck all.
Woke up at the glorious hour of 15 before noon, somewhat well rested, yet not enough. Took me a good minute or two to get my shit together and get out of bed. Woke up to gray, boring skies, I think. Outside, it was cold and a half, yet it didn't prevent me from opening the window to get some fresh air. Needed to renew the air in this flat that has a very notable inability to let air circulate. A single window, can you believe it? Try and get a draft going.

After me figuring out how large I should open my window to let the right amount of air in, I sat down where I spend probably most of my time and will for the next years, in my chair in front of my computer. Had a call to start with a pal around a poorly made C# practical. A CHIP-8 emulator's the goal this week. Will probably reward me with a shit grade, oh well. I'll blame it on the subject. Very, very poorly made. But that's out of my control, so being pissy about it is worthless.

After the call, I thought of playing a bit. At this hour, I have no idea what I did. Wasted some time trying to boot up War Thunder, and failed miserably. Bloody EAC messing up by Debian. Oh well, gave up to play a few rounds of Holdfast. Artillery's very fun, is it not? Stomach satisfied with a couple pieces of bread and a cereal bar, I made the wise decision of not making any decision at all by myself and ended up sitting back down.

Went around online, between discord discourse, let's plays, and chattering online about everything and anything. The time was 7, bout of sleepiness. For some reason, I was completely knocked out. I threw some Nile Red on my screen, about stink chemicals, and jumped back in bed. However, not 45 mins later, received a ping from a good friend streaming The Witcher 3. Got me back up, and the human interactions I lacked enough to warrant me getting out of under the blanket. Was very fun, we had a few good laughs, as other friends came and left. While he was playing, I got back to Tetris Effect. New event game mode, 3v1. Clearly rigged, the 1 cannot win. A shame.

It is now one in the morning. The day went by without a single marking event, save for the late discovery of snow outside. I didn't even look out the window for so long, I hadn't even noticed. But I'm glad to see some proper white snow outside. I missed it.

Today brought me little more than a few new cuts and me rediscovering my drumsticks. Drum it till you make it. I'm in search of a new playlist.

It is then starved and tired that I end this post. Was it worth it? I know not. My chest tightens, as it does, as soon as I try and lay down things about me. I wish it was not the case.

I'll go and shower, and make myself some pasta if I have the strength. Else I'll go to sleep on an empty stomach. Maybe I can try and lose weight that way.

Good evening, lone reader. You had a small insight into what a typical Sunday is to me.

Have no fear for life is short
And death will take us all
So when that bastard comes for us
We'll meet him standing tall - Alestorm, Rage of the Pentahook

Laporte, signing off. See you tomorrow.

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