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♡ dni / before you add


do not interact if...

+25 or -13; you promote unhealthy behaviour online (sh, eds); trolls and self-proclaimed saviours of any type; transphobes and homophobes; racists; pedophiles; you "vaguepost" without specifying who you are/are not talking about; and just people trying to piss others off on purpose. if you see yourself in any of these, get off my page now!

before you add...

i've been on every single fandom ever so i have my reasons to not like stuff. i suffer from bpd and mild ocd (not that it affects my behaviour online tremendously), but still - please refrain from making unsavory comments towards my illnesses. i am recovering, yes; but that doesn't mean that i don't get random meltdowns from time to time!

i'm a sociable & friendly person overall, but will not hesitate to get angry when you get on my nerves! i have patience but it breaks easily.
+ extra miscellaneous things you should know about me: i do not take social media seriously and don't use it accordingly, don't mistake me for someone who's chronically online! i block a lot. i do not shut up about my boyfriend sometimes. i'm a retired meme / guro page owner; nothing you can say or send to purposefully offend me is going to work.

ok that's all :D thank you for reading i love you all lots! have a great day!

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