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back to campus tomorrow...

couple of small updates before i go back to The Grindâ„¢!

  1. i got my personal website in... somewhat decent working order! there's barely anything on it as of now, but i'll get there in the future;;; the layout is how i want it and that's what matters. i also updated my spacehey links accordingly! (also if u have a neocities acct too don't b afraid to follow me lolol)
  2. i got a new plant today! my old one wasn't doing well in my dorm because it wasn't getting enough light & i knocked it into the radiator by accident lmao
  3. i'm most likely gonna be tied up with school in the coming weeks & trying to focus on art in my free time, so. that'll be fun. i might start talking about my ocs more here? maybe. i've also gotta clean up my dorm tbh;;;  so much to do tomorrow agh

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