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Eurobeat DJ blog-

Tons of projects-

Been working on a lot, recently touched upon "Sound Of My Heart" by Dave Hammond, such a good song!!

Tons of other stuff on the way, unreleased stuff that's for sure!

Update: Remix has been finished! Release will come sometime in the future!

Remix is now on YouTube!:

Bandolero Comanchero Remix in progress-

Here is the song so people can listen and the remix will be uploaded on my channel probably:

Remix finished and on YouTube!!

Music Go Wild (DJ Cat Re-Edit) has been done!

Back when I first started DJing, this was amongst the first I did, now.. I made a quick re-make that's a lot more of my current style. I'm not sure if I'll put it out but maybe sometime in the future under a compilation of some sort on YouTube :>

Gas Gas Gas (DJ Cat Remix) -

Working in a new energetic remix, I want to make this one full of energetic edits and vocal bits!! 

An icon Manuel song most people would recognise if they heard it-

Remix is now on YouTube!:

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