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Fifth week of my dream journal entries


On an international trip with my old classmates in (I think) Italy but it looks a bit like my dream!hometown. I'm in a house with Austin but there's a guy who keeps breaking in and I'm threatening that I'm going to beath him the fuck up with a rolling pin if he doesn't leave. I'm lying out of my ass that I'm trained in karate and judo and I think somehow that scares him off? I'm literally the least scary looking person in the world, even with my piercings, there's no way that would ever work lol

We're in a mall walking somewhere, I see Ink and try to chat with them about a dm they hadn't replied to but  they walk away and I get really sad (when I woke up they actaully had responded. Really freaky tbh)

We're all going out for dinner together but I can't find the restaurant (maybe because I'm also looking for a boba shop and I can't multitask). We leave the town and make our way back to the tourbus and on the way we find a stall with secondhand books- I find one from the 60s about witchcraft and spells that I want to get. The first chapter is written entirely in Hungarian but I don't mind (I do not speak Hungarian). My classmates are having a hard time understanding why I'd want this book but they're still supportive.


Had my helix pierced and it hurt. Like I felt the whole thing in my dream and then I woke up and got really mad I had to go through that ordeal and didn't even get the benefit of actually having a piercing.


Parkour high in the air? High school in the middle of the night and we have to fix things (I'm reading this weeks later and can't for the life of me remember what this means).

Dad and I are in a second hand store. I have a cold. They have lots of super cute hippy clothes and a white tiered skirt that I've wanted for years (that's true, I still don't have one. Did find one in purple last week tho) I go to try it on and it's a bit of a struggle in the dressing room because there are children getting in the way.

I'm in the interior store in my neighbourhood with my grandma and I'm looking at a little dog plushie. She buys it for me as a christmas gift. (Fun fact; I had actually seen that plushie irl and loved it. Days later my grandma comes over for christmas and gifts me a journal from the same brand the dog belongs to. I hadn't mentioned it to her or anyone else. It's not that close to what happened in the dream but close enough that it stuck with me.)


Have been dreaming, but mostly in storylines that come back in flashes during the day. I don't remember what I dreamt last night though.


Had mugwort tea before going to bed. Taking a train with classmates to a location where we enter a walled city we have to conquer. I stay outside the walls but am at risk of being spotted by the enemy and I try to hide in a tree. I think I'm attacked and defend myself but we all have to flee. We run back to the train (which is just a long row of open single person wagons being pulled along by one engine) but I can never run at an effective speed in my dreams, and I think my leg is wounded.

We return to a city, and I try to return a totebag to someone by climbing the outside of their house and hanging their bag on a second floor windowsill. Also my leg is still wounded, making the whole process pretty difficult. Finished, I make my way to the town square (very similar to the one I dreamt of on the 22nd) in search of a boba shop because I keep making my way there only to forget I wanted to get boba. Once again I forget, instead trying to get a snack from a marketstall but none of the stuff on sale sounds appealing. 

The dream repeats and I'm back at the walled city, trying to hide from enemies, only this time I'm definitely spotted. The dream briefly turns into minecraft, and I'm fighting people with a bow and arrow and a sword, breaking leaves and blocks to reach my enemies. I eventually get hold of someone and take him hostage, promising he'll return safely once I get home unharmed. We flee and now starts a chase by my own army and I don't know why I'm fleeing from them? My hostage runs far faster than I and he has to drag me along. We run through country lanes that are super hilly and steep, forests, a city centre with the French supermarket I sometimes dream of, (there is a new friend with us now) and a mall with 200's grunge/scene/sleazy clothes that I really like- that I've also seen before in my dreams. I keep forgetting to run and my hostage has to keep reminding me, grabbing me and running.

I'm home now , the hostage has evaporated into thin air, and Dino is there as well. One of his teachers is interrogating me on how I got home- she's looking through my desk and really pissing me off (please stop looking through my stuff!) Also somewhere inbetween mom gets really upset over me watching Lost Tapes because she thinks it's way too scary (great sense of foresight, dream!mom)


Dreamt my favourite comic artist was making a sort of spinoff. I had two volumes already and was transported into the story:

The BBC Ghosts, along with Colette, are in a neoclassical style regency estate. Colette sits in the livingroom and Pat, trying to find common ground together, starts telling her about every signle homoerotic dream he's ever had. Colette just lets him ramble on. Later, she's going through a walk in the grounds and spots a folly built over a bridge. She discusses with Kitty how, if they were alive, they would have built an identical folly on the opposite side so they could both live in the garden and be neighbours. Kitty acts like she loves the idea but secretly makes fun of it behind Colette's back (I know this sounds like I'm making up a terrible self-insert fanfiction and acting like I dreamt it, but I swear to god this is just how my brain processes popular media).

I look for the next volume of the comic, discover only the first three have been published so far but that the artist has planned 23 parts for the story, and that it will have a follow-up that will be just as long. I go to a flowershop to buy the third part and then make my way to Dino's highschool to participate in an art project with him and my mom. All the students are in uproar because they've discovered the comic artist is actually the one who designed a popular store mascot in my country. I very angrily explain that that's not true.

I have to paint a huge canvas and add a picture-transferring solution to it but I'm having a lot of trouble with it, and my pretty new yellow cardigan and jeans are ruined. I don't tell mom about it because she would just tell me I shouldn't have worn new clothes while painting. (she's absolutely in the right, also, I don't have a new yellow cardigan or jeans, but while shopping the day after I dreamt about them i saw the exact cardigan hanging in a shop. Ink told me it must have been a premonition, but I consider it a warning and didn't buy them. So far, I haven't had any painting disasters)

I start to research a specific north american culture (one my brain came up with, not an actual culture) and I'm transported to a gorgeous valley where someone tells me of a local legend.

A white man came to the locals asking for help. He knew of a woman in the nearby cave system- she's stuck, he's in love with her, and he needs their help to save her. As payment, he's brought them gifts i can't remember, and the woman's head. Despite the removed head, she's still supposed to be alive. The locals see his desperation and immediately invite him to stay as long as he needs. They start to look for the woman.

It takes some time, but they end up finding her. She hasn't survived the cave, and the man is heartbroken. The locals, seeing her head as a deeply important holy relic, decide to gift the man something of equal value to them; a ritual to merge their souls. They marry their bodies, ritually binding their spirits together forever. The man doesn't go back home, instead deciding to stay with the locals. (no clue where this came from. Might be an actual story I don't consciously remember ever having read, might be perpetuating insensitive stereotypes about native cultures- I genuinely don't know as i'm not at all educated about different native american peoples and their beliefs. just know that it was a weirdly specific dream)


Inherited (?) a huge business including an entire office building with penthouse from my shady businessman uncle (don't have a shady uncle). He died under mysterious circumstances and an inspector and a constable are investigating in his Austin Powers style office/penthouse. 

They tell me about the atrocities my uncle comitted (weird amount of exploding helicopters) and the constable is trying very hard to comfort me- like so hard the inspector and I are sharing looks like this is inappropriate behaviour for the workplace right? I'm looking at all the screens with the atrocities in the conspiracy room and the huge board with leads and evidence and I realize the constable has been weirdly dismissive of all the crimes committed. So I tell the inspector I suspect the constable helped my uncle fake his death and he decides I should get the constable drunk, seduce him (ethically questionable) and try to get him to confess.

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