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im looking for a flipnote series

hi, my name is alkalyzer, and im currently looking for a flipnote which i used to have on my nintendo dsi, in case you dont know flipnote was a dsi service where you can make animations which also had flipnote hatena, where you posted your animations online.

this flipnote was on the series channel as i remember, it was a six part series in which involved goth stuff,dark magic and of course, a murder mystery, the only characters i remember was a girl with white hair which we are going to call girl 1, her friend a black haired girl which we are going to call girl 2 and a grey haired boy.

the three wore black clothes, the girls wore elegant shirts with rose details on it with rose decorations, the style was a pseudo-crude anime style, with shades that the three colors of the app allowed you to color.

needless to say, the flipnote was pretty good animated, so you didnt have to pause it to read all of it, as i say, i only remembered the plot of three episodes, sadly i dont remember about the user or the title.

the thumbnail was just a black screen with a red celtic-like cross, with the circle at the center, it was small, and little triangles on each end, giving a more medieval yet religious look.

the first episode was short, like an mv video, it began with a shot of a black screen showing a drip of blood falling down, and in a flash, it reveals girl 1 on a rainy street, she was fatally injured with blood coming out of her head, she was standing on a post that near the street, a black screen showed some text, then a shot of her arms bleeding, then the text comes out again, then there's another shot of her standing on her knees, which her legs were bleeding, then another shot of her detailed eye, her eye was red, thus her pupil fades away and closes her eyes, meaning that she died due to her injuries.

then another black screen appeared, with the "some days ago"text on it, it showed girl 1 when she was not injured and girl 2, both where laughing, right at the end there was the boy, looking at them and smiled evily.

the music on that flipnote was prelude 12/21 by AFI

chapter 2, what i remember was that girl 2 was arguing with the boy, about how dare he killed her friend.
the music on the flipnote was In the shadows by Ramus.
and chapter six began with the body of girl 1 lying on the round, thus a beautiful yet detailed cross appeared, it was like the opposite of the one from the thumbnail, looking more holy and innocent, that cross entered through her body, which made her shake, that cross was healing her injuries from chapter 1, removing the blood and any injury at all.

and that's all i know.

before you comment i need to tell you this, the series im not looking is not the following flipnote series:
-crystal hearts
-suika(this is one i found it, so if you are sending posts about me posting a flipnote of that series,im telling you that is not)
if you know or met the creator, the name of the title, a part of this series or you have seen it before, please, send me a chat request and leave a comment on this post, i would appreaciate it.

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