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First song of the year!

Finally, posted my first song of the year! And first with Vocaloid, Len specifically! 

This song is kinda funny, as it literally came to be simply because I was testing out a free AU I got (Native Instruments Hypha), and found a nice instrument that just BOOM inspiration time. It turned into a drum & bass track, because I really like the genre :) Also I made this while procrastinating study work, oops.

The lyrics are, something? It literally started as random ramblings inspired from the game Progressbar95 where the Bin is your pet. Then it turned into some veeeery subtle environmental tone? Kinda, lowkey inspired from Avatar (no joke lol). 

L E N, finally!! My teen self would be so happy if she saw me right now ;U; This won't be the last time I use him, especially because I think him singing English with his jp voice banks sounds so much better than his actual English voice bank. Also, I have sooo many japanese voice banks that I finally can use since I figured out the english thing!! :D

TLDR; New song, recycle bin and environment, Len is nice. And here it is :>

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