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Basic info on me !!! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

Hello everyone on the interwebs!!!

I go by the name Vussie and you can also make up a nickname for me if you want to as well. 

Redbulls are my life energy and so is my bed, I like to watch animes, write, draw, and search random shit on the internet like many of us on here. 

I am scemo but I love other sorts of subcultures and aesthetics/lifestyles !!!

I am 17 years old, Mexican, and I live in the west coast of the US.  ⛦◜▿◝

Playing music and roblox are fun during my free time mwehehehee~

I am a person, refer to me however you want...

Dont be shy and message me here or friend me on discord !! vussie

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