just a stupid rant

im using duolingo again and then afterwardssss im gonna play more roblox royale high

im trying to get these boots that are popping off the shops shelves in like 12 days but theyre only 18k diamonds and im at like 10k so i just gotta grind a lil. ive made a lot of progress. like 2 days ago i was at 250 diamonds. not even in the thousands. so i reckon im doing alr for myself

i dont think i mentioned anywhere on my blog that im australian. u better be reading the posts in an overexaggerated australian accent 

also i wanna test if this is an image url becuz even if ive figured out more than b4 im still struggling a lil :3 (it appears that it does work!! :>)    <---- that looks like a guy with a big nose ;0

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