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SO I watched the first Black Panther movie and I have alot of things to say. Tl;dr good movie but weird messaging and bad special effects

Part 1: the messaging


   So this movie is very political with its messaging. It deals with ideas and themes of the effects of colonialism, racism, military intervention, and many other things that I'm probably not qualified to talk about lol. While I thought a Marvel movie handling this subject was very interesting and made the movie good, my biggest problem with this movie is that it falls into the trap of "the main villain is right but he is also evil". Tho tbf to the movie, it makes me believe that Killmonger actually believes in what he is doing. He so determined and alot of his philosophy is based in real life social politics. Alot of what he says is right. So T'Challa must go through his arch of being a good leader and righting the wrongs of his ancestors by deciding what is the right choice: expose Wokanda to the world in an effort to life those who have nothing from their oppression and poverty, or protect the people of Wokanda from foreign attacks by hiding the country and ignoring the worlds issues.

   The problem with this however is that T'Challa's solution of sharing Wokanda's tech with the world to left people out of there issues only solves half of the world's issues, as there will still be countries with corrupt governments and dictatorships that use violence and policy to oppress people which accidently paints Killmonger, the wannabe king of the "Wokandan empire", to seem right in his genocidal rants. He may cause countless amounts of suffering but his solution would solve the other half of the issue that faces T'Challa's problem as king. Perhaps both of them (T'Challa and Killmonger) are wrong and misguided. Maybe the movie is trying to make a point about how hard it is to solve these issues, but it comes off as confusing to me as the movie never attempts to put forward a solution other than "T'Challa is the good guy" so it comes off tone def to real world social issues.

Part 2: Special effects

   Just so we can get the bad stuff out of the way, this movie looks terrible. I know it's a meme to make fun of mcu cgi but it's so bad in this movie and it's overused that it looks like a movie from 2005 rather than a movie from 2016. That's really all I have to say about the sfx it looked mid lol

Part 3: The characters

   Ok time for some positive. I really like the characters. Not everyone is a hit but some of my favorites are T'Challa, Killmonger, Okoye, W'Kabi, and M'Baku just to name a few. I spoiler too much about the character, but these are some of the characters that I really liked.  And to end this off by talking about T'Challa's arch. The story of a new king having to assert himself as a worthy ruler while dealing with the mistakes of his predecessors and having to make a hard choice is so great and is executed well. 

Part 4: The action (is mid lol)

   The action is hit or miss. The choreography lacks any real impact in the hits of the characters but the movie is filled with great set pieces and ideas (such as the vibranium spear being thrown infront of a car and fucking obliterates it) that I found myself on the edge of my seat during many of the fights and action scenes. 


   This movie is great, but confused messaging and bad special effects do knock it down a peg for me. If you are looking for a good superhero movie I'd say look elsewhere but put this movie on your list cause it's a great time.

Verdict: recommend

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