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The Ultimate spider-man Vs. Spectacular spider-man debate

Okay so for as long as I can remember and from when I first got into TSSM people are very quick to say that Ultimate was better, While Ultimate was good it's not that good. The characters and art are nice, and everything. I adore iron fist in the show and as well as peter but it really doesn't work for me due to the lack of a real story. and yes Cartoons like ultimate can be great without having an ongoing story but I think that's why I could never really get into it due to it not having an interesting story plot until later seasons, with TSSM it has a story right off the bat. And going back to talk about the art styles I absolutely adore TSSM's art style, that's one of the main reasons I fell in love with the show in the first place was because of the art style and how all of the characters were drawn. 

Now another point one of my friends made was how putting spider-man in a group as a team never really worked in Ultimate. Yes, different versions of spider-man have worked in groups before It really doesn't work that well in ultimate that much for me. Also, some of the designs in ultimate don't do it for me. Otto's design in TSSM is one I adore fully while in Ultimate it's something, It doesn't feel like otto while he looks like him. I'm not saying that it's overall bad It's just not a design I really like, if you like his design in the show and like the show overall that's great! I'm not typing this blog out to say "Oh well ultimate sucks and time is better" I'm just stating why Ultimate never worked that well for me. 

I belive that both TSSM and Ultimate had great potential l and it ended up with shows shows being trashed, But hopefully with across the spider-verse coming out soon we'll all see some much needed love for the two shows. Which are both great in different parts. 

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