hi guys, it's been a while, i just wanted to post this twilight drawing i made a while ago ૮ • ﻌ - ა

i just saw a few ppl draw her as a human and i just had to draw her too, bc i love herr smm. it's already been a few months since i drew this so i kinda want to redraw it, maybe when i have time i'll redraw her. anywaysss i love the colors i used i'm still very happy abt that  ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶  i also added stars similar to my last drawing of her along with a moon, i also added a little rainbow, and let me tell youu, i looove that little rainbow i just think it's the cutest thing ever 😭

well here's the drawing :)

twilight drawing w/ decorations

and here's a version of the drawing without the decorations!

twilight drawing w/o decorations

 anywayss i hope you liked my drawing :) i'm off to play games w/ my sister, byeee

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THANKS (∩•ω•∩)

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