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nice 2 meet u <3

 hiihihiiii heyyy hellooooo hiii helo haiii :33

solike. im mat. hi. i like spooky stuff. and i have been know to be rather silly at times. 

I go by any pronouns rlly but prefer he/they/it :PPP

also im 18 lol 

u can either follow me on twitter @madowotti or tumblr @matd0

(i dont rlly post anything besides art there solike u can also follow my shitpost-spam twitter @matbutsus)

i spend most of my days drawing or playing videogamez loll

my fav games are:

  • silent hill 2/3

  • bioshock

  • hollow knight

  • pathologic

  • fran bow

  • five nights at freddys <3

other hobbies include:

 watching slasher films (halloween 1978 & black christmas r my faves ithink) 

simping for questionable men

watching jerma985

listening 2 music !!

reading creepypastas <33 mwah

staring at my snake and telling her how cool she is

idk ig i also read sometimes??? (mostly fanfiction tho-)

feel free to ask for my discord or somethingg if u wanna like play minecraft or stardew lol

(i am sorta known for being terrible at responding to messages,,, sorry im just really anxious T_T)

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