most intense dream in a long time

it was this overarching story about these people/creatures with supernatural abilities being hunted but also within their circle there interpersonal relationships and trauma and cycles of abuse that wouldnt stop even after they were safe from being hunted.

im a couple hours awake so i dont remember much of the beginning, but right before i woke up it was really intense. quite honestly surprised i didnt wake up screaming or crying.

so one of the characters had this long term goal of making a movie. they werent able to pursue it bc of being hunted and also every time they tried to film, they would force everyone to complete the filming in one day and everyone would be irritable and they would become a total asshole and the finished product would be ruined. after the hunting stopped, they tried again to make their movie, but they fell into the same mistake of trying to do it all at once and the actors were tired, it was far into the night, everyone was cold, and they where being a jerk. they also had this overarching storyline with their mother calling them the wrong name (transgender) and their mother was co-directing the movie so that surely didnt help.

the character whose pov i was in came up to the filmmaker and offered them a clip for their hair. just to try to make them more comfortable and remind them to take it easy, things will be done when theyre done. filmmaker blew up at pov saying she was a slut and bothering them and to just leave before she ruins everything. she left and laid down on this thin mattress on a concrete floor and started crying. then an image of her long dead mother's rotting corpse appeared laying next to her telling her that she never wanted her to be born and everyone hates her. just telling her own daughter she hates her over and over.

then came the most frightening part. pov was pulled under the covers into a cavern of blood and tulle. she was wearing a wedding dress and a veil now. she was screaming, pushing against the wall of meat encapsulating her, but there was no escape. she stayed being suffocated by tool and blood and meat while my own pov moved further down the cavern into what seemed to almost be a womb. it was filled with this sort of plasma and soon blood started dripping into it and eventually it was this color inverted image of blood and plasma swirling and dancing but not mixing together.

i woke up at around 1 pm. i couldve woken up at 10 but my body kept forcing me back down into sleep. idk if i was just tired from school starting back up again, but my body wouldnt let me wake up. i couldve forced myself to be awake at 10 and i never wouldve experienced that. but i did. i now see why people used to think dreams were visions. meant for them to experience by some cosmic force and gifted only to them. very personal

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a theory i read a long time ago says that dreams are our subconscious trying to "tell" us something. i don't think that's always the case, but i definitely think some of them (especially harrowing ones like the dream you described) are our brains trying to process a particular conflict in our lives. this is purely anecdotal, but a lot of times my nightmares are less "a murderer is chasing me through the woods" and more focused on specific, deep-seated fears/doubts of mine. i'm not trying to play "armchair psychologist"; i just think it's something worth looking into! i hope you get better sleep in the near future.

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i totally agree. theres some dreams that i just find amusing and other ones like this one that are clearly about something. lol ur not really laying armchair psychologist bc you didnt like try to solve the dream puzzle X^D which i appreciate :^) ive had some thoughts about it since i had it, definitely a lot to think about. but i think my conclusions are best dealt with by my real psychologist lmao

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