SO it starts like this...

i was on a roof of this old timey building at night running from SOMETHING.... i dont know whar it was right but i was running.. and then SUDDENLY santas elves came and SAVED ME!!!! i was then brought down to the ground and i decided to go inside the building... i went inside and it was like some sort of shelter.. and so and so we were in a group and i think there was a schedule we had to follow and so we went outside onto a court and WE TURNED INTO FURRYS!!!! IM NOT JOKING WE TURNED INTO FURRIES AND STARTED PLAYING BASKETBALL IT WAS LIKE AIRBUD MAN!!! and so... and so... i dont remember what happened but i went back inside and i was like going to my room i guess and the room was GINORMOUUUSSSS and had this HUUUGGGEE statue of the "thinker" and it turned to look at me and since it was a dream i was unphased but if that were in real life i woulda ran... anyways i go to my room right and i see a picture on the night stand and i was like *gasp* MY DEAD DAUGHTERS!!! and so i rushed out of the room and i woke up....

THE END!!!!!  

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