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Don’t interact if:

~under 15 or over 20 (Exceptions can b made but not for everyone)

~Don’t support Lgbtq+ (Including neo pronouns)

~Use slurs u cant reclaim 

~Think bigotry is just an opinion that can be put aside like a disagreement on ice cream flavors 

~Far right/conservative values 

~Don’t think oppression exists today/think cis/het/white ppl r oppressed the same as trans/queer/poc 

~Know n dont like me irl 

~Ignore that fashion is part of subculture like music is

~u smell 


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ngl, you seem like a really cool person. Wouldn't mind being friends with you [if okay with you]

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Shattered Sunrise

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Honestly I'm not sure ice cream flavors can be put aside xD

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if they don’t like mint or cookies n cream, they r a red flag /j

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