non-fandom artists and oc's

no one look at the fact that this is my second post today approximately 30 minutes after my first i'm just having thoughts idk.

as someone who almost exclusively makes fandom style art, i always have mixed feelings when i look at art from people who don't live like that. not bc they're doing something WRONG obvs but i feel like a lot of these art things fall into a few categories:

  • "artist" girl on tiktok that makes a lot of basic things with like. eyeballs and heterosexual silhouettes and ~women's bodies~ (read: skinny, basic nude art without much detail OR non skinny nude art that focuses on #bodypositivity and how your stretch marks are #tigerstripes or whatever idk)
  • people who only draw attractive, waifish skinny women. *shivers*
  • legitimately creative people who make very cool oc's and have a lot of interesting internal plotlines happening with them and really flesh them out into something cool
  • people who THINK they have those types of oc's but don't
  • furries
  • people who make epic scenery based art. these people rock and i'm kissing their foreheads politely

i feel like i'm struggling to have a cohesive point here tbh. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm very interested in the ways that people who don't have fandom to rely on create ideas for their art. some parts of it feel VERY like...hoping for max interaction with the art based, and some seem like a creative explosion from the artist.

i'd love to have that kind of creativity, i def struggle to make characters/art that isn't just derivative of something i've seen and liked. there's nothing wrong with that, but i can't help feelings like there's a part of my creativity locked behind a door that i don't have a key to in my brain...

rambly posting. i guess that's what this site is for (to me, at least)

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ren >:3c

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i think fandom art can be just as creative as original art tho! it's just creative in a different way. youre not necessarily "missing out" by being a fandom artist, though i do understand the feeling 3

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oh definitely!! i don't necessarily feel like i'm missing out, i jsut kind of wonder what types of art i would make if i didn't have the fandom basis? bc whenever i try to do it, i tend to struggle to come up with ideas! so ppl who just live like that...crazy to me

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