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ask me some things about my Oc?

My absolute fave oc brings me so much joy and i need excuses to dump about him ୧(ꈍ﹏ꈍ)୨

Some basic context, Robbie Martin is the guy in my pfp! He is a Silent Hill OC and grew up in the town of Silent Hill. His special interest(yeah hes autistic, i can be self indulgent) is the town itself, thew history, its dumb tourist attractions etc and he was a big fan of the Lakeside Amusement park too!

His family moved away to Raccoon City after the White Claudia drug ring became more obvious, but now that hes an adult, He's gotten himself a tiny house on the outskirts of Silent Hill (now abandoned) and spends his days scavenging thru its ruins for any tourism knickknacks while recording his finding on a shitty blog w/ like 4 readers. Other wise hes baking(he makes amazing bread) or getting baked hot-boxing an abandoned building.

Ive also got his future planned out as well, Robbie becomes a history professor with a real passion for the subject. Hes a mess tho for reasons i havent mentioned on this post yet but i fear ive typed too much :,-)

Ive got a playlist for him thats almost 6 hours!

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