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me? gay? never

Heyyyyyyy guyzzzzzzzzz

so im writing this at school
i am literally in first period waiting for my teacher to get our other stuff ready
i really hope i can finish writing this bc it usually takes me SOOO LONG

uhhh so yall know that crush i mentioned in my last update? ok so i DEF had a crush on him AND he liked me too!!!!! 

so now were dating :DDDD he's soso awesome I'm so happy

Choir had a mini performance thing for the future freshmen, and evry1 who participated got exempt from the essay we were supposed to write later this semester
yall already KNOW i am NOT writing an essay for a music class so ofc i went
bf was sick that day so i was really surprised that he was there but i was also happy, he's super fun to be around 

im really liking the catcher in the rye, but there's an assignment due this Sunday that i! do not! know what im supposed to do!!! ill just ask my friend and google a bunch of stuff n hope it goes well. I already have a base so i think i can fix it up Saturday and sunday

im starting my script for my gay vampire webcomic! i don't have a title, and one of the main characters still isn't named but at least im working on it
I've started several other comics b4, but this is the first one I've actually committed to and gotten this far with
im super excited to see how i do w it!

ill probs make a blog talking about them after school

ermmm yeah i think that's it my teacher is talking rn so im trynna look at her ad type at the same time its a lil difficult BUT 

i think that's it for now so 

see you later mothers, fuckers, and others and stay fresh cheesebags!!!

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