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metal hospital story (TW: SH, MENTIONS OF SUICIDE, VIOLENT EVENTS, PICA) pt.1

So, last year around the end of may I voluntarily went to a mental hospital because of suicidal ideations. while my stay there a lot of stuff happened. My first day, i arrived at 3am after an hour drive from the hospital i went to. The start of the day went okay besides anxiety, but as the day came to a close, all hell broke loose. Fights started, two girls ( ill call them A and S ) started beating up this other girl (she leaves same day so no need for a name) for talking shit on the nicest person in the unit. then after everything settled, A snaps a tooth brush and gives it to one of the staff members (ill call the D and B). So D says "why would you break that? what were you going to eat it?" and A replies "No but i can!" she snatches the broken tooth brush and runs, once she gets far enough away she shoves it into her mouth and swallows it dry. She gets taken for this and put on paper clothes and all our trash bins in the bathroom get taken. when she's back she starts complaining about the paper clothes and this other girl ( N ) say " well maybe you deserve it" and A freaks out. She grabs N by her hair and starts dragging her around. I sat there watching and crying begging on of the staff members for my comfort bunny (he's a stuffed animal). and I keep getting denied, I can feel myself going into little space (if you don't know what that it, its age regression, its when I cant deal with the things that are going on around me, mentally I go back in age) once again after everything calms down it goes to shit again. A finds another toothbrush and eats it. it feels like a cant breathe, my first day and so much as already happened.

I'll post a second part in awhile, i have to do school work

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