Friday 20th January 2023

The lunch Hall is so crowded nowadays. I use to be able to go at 1:20 and there would still be lots of food left. Nowadays you have to speed run down the halls just to get to the front of the line an get a space on a table. It takes a couple minutes to get from the classroom, to my locker to dump my stuff and go across the school to get to the lunch Hall line; and by that point the line is already really long. There use to be 2 counters but they closed one down. So after about 7 minutes of waiting, I could get my lunch. It was some chicken wrap thing, tomato soup with bagels to dip it into and jacket potato. I don't know why I didn't get the soup, but I got the jacket potato which h I swear has shrunk in size. I also grabbed a bagel. I always have butter with my jacket potato but there wasn't any. Kinda' odd how they just didn't have any butter as all the containers were still there: they just didn't have any butter in. So after standing there like an idiot, I went to pay. After the other counter closed (the one with all the muffins, brownies and cookies) the cookies moved over to where you pay. And guess what? Neither of the paying machines had cookies! I paid for the stuff I had and got to take a cookie when they restocked. At least the cookies are good. They changed the recipe a while back from the wheat slabs with a bit of chocolate in, into actual cookies. 

There was nowhere to sit. It's like the entire school was in the lunch Hall. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case considering im the only person in the form room. The few empty chairs were between friend groups, and I prefer to eat by myself so that would be awkward. I ended up sitting opposite some year 7s who ignored me the entire time. There was also no forks for some reason. Lucky you can eat jacket potato with a spoon pretty easily; but it just didn't taste the same without the butter. When I was walking to clear my tray, I noticed half a cookie laying on the floor. It was underneath the cutlery table so nobody would have stepped on it. I thought "jackpot!" and quickly took it. Then after I cleared my tray I went into the cold outside and ate my newly claimed cookie. Sure it probably has God knows how many germs on it, but I used to eat food off the floor all the time when I was a child so I'll be fine. 

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