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new Måneskin album...

i love maneskin, okay? i have since the end of 2020. i think they're geniuses.

However, RUSH was painful to listen to. i was actually starting to feel depressed by the sixth track it was that bad. i do think it's just their english songs, because all the italian songs on the album i adored. and the lonliest, but that's just bc it's somehow insanely good. 

Anyways, yeah it was a bad album. i love the actual music so much, it's just the lyrics and content of the english songs are so surface level and lacklustre. the only redeemable quality for most of them was the music. 

like i'm sorry, i wanted to love it but it just wasn't that good. well done maneskin for gaining universal fame you deserve it but please for the love of god go back to making good music what the fuck is this shit??!?!????!???

anyways stream Teatro d'ira - Vol. l <3

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