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Fourth week of my dream journal entries


Stayed with Julie and Camilla (from youtube?) in their new house- it was huge and 80's futuristic but not very cozy. There were lots of people staying with them and I shared a bathroom with two really nice girls but i had to help one take out her tampon?

We spent some time looking through the huge bookcase and we discussed which mangas were good and what I still want to read. Of course the first title I came up with was Komi, haha. The whole thing was super tall and lit up with pink and purple neon lights. 

Austin was also invited to make a 'quick' trip to Norway (would only take about three hours of travelling!) and I think they did end up popping 'round.

We all went on a walk in the snow which quickly morphed into my own local countryside with farmlands and ditches. I started realizing I was walking with all of my old classmates- one had to help the other get rid of a spider.

We ended up at a garden centre, Seven reproduced a half waking dream I had earlier where Colette and Cyrille dressed Silas in a pretty swimsuit, only this time I was bodyswapped with Seven. I tried to show my friends the swimsuit but ended up embarrassing myself because I realized the prime minister was there (???) and I was essentially walking around in my underwear (what the hell, subconscious?).

Then I had to explain to people that I wasn't actually Seven but just inhabiting their body (not the first time I've done that in a dream this month, what the hell subconscious??). I was also wearing roller skates, making browsing extremely tricky and helped a different friend work through a messy divorce (as far as I know they've never been married. I don't even remember them dating anyone).


Dreamt about an irl themepark that often features in my dreams. A lot happened and I do remember everything but it was kinda graphic and I don't feel comfortable posting that here.


Drank mugwort tea right before going to bed. Was in minecraft. Kept falling down the mine and felt the drop the whole way. Was something with a cheat that gave me furniture. Was on holiday in India (?) and visiting a gp with lots of other white ladies and their kids. We weren't impressed by the doctor's advice. I was chatting with one of the women who, out of nowhere, grabbed a bird and started to eat it alive, like ripping off the wings and eating it as if that was a normal thing to do.

I had to take a bike (which was pulled by a dog) somewhere and ended up on a tiny dirt track. I had to go up either some stairs or a ramp that led around a roundabout but couldn't get my bike up it. There were a couple of lions staring at me, sitting near a hyena corpse, along with a lot of small birds and lizards. The birds were staring at me really weirdly, it was super unsettling and I nearly left the dog as sacrifice but we both managed to escape (do you know how upset I would've been if I'd left the dog???)


I was a drag queen trying out a gorgeous shimmery purple eyeshadow designed by lady gaga. Afterwards I welcomed a group of teenage amateur drag queens (they were really sweet).

I was a mermaid swimming in the lake of a museum with a dude (I think i was my partner?). He was telling me he'd discovered two sunken planes from the 50s that he'd restored and placed on the lake. They were two beautiful copper water planes (like the ones I'd read about in a graphic novel years ago). One had a bar, and high end shops and hotel suites. I detached my flippers and my partner took me on a tour of the plane. He was wearing a white suit, I a very long formal dress and it was all super swanky.


Tried mugwort again. Looked up lions on a primitive google machine. Ordered food for my starving young settler family using an ancient vending machine in a filthy tent. 


Mugwort is definitely doing something; had horrific nightmares. Harry Styles was on holiday in France with me and watched me shower through a glass door that he half-heartedly tried to re-fog. Afterwards he used a torture method to massage my feet that was so horrible it made me vomit. Then he murdered my family in various repeating gruesome methods, one of which being some sort of meatgrinder specifically modified for murder purposes. Good to note- I have no particular interest or connection with Harry Styles. I have no idea why I dreamt of him.

Took the car to some sketchy diner/restaurant/supermarket where they had entire purses designed around lighters (I don't smoke) and a Spanish (?) magazine that a small youtube channel I enjoy contributed to. That was incredibly exciting to me. My grandpa was there as well but in a wheelchair and as we helped him inside I complimented two girls on their adorable outfits (pretty pastel skirts with blouses). One of them was very rude about it but the other was so sweet. We wanted to order and Dino and I saw fried chicken and waffles on the menu (very uncommon where I live) but the sign said that after the recent renovation they'd gotten rid of their waffle iron.


Nightmares. Probably mugwort-induced. Napping with Silas. Dream!road through the countryside, making our way to a different country, stopping halfway in a village with pippi longstocking houses and lots of storm damage. 

Reconnection with kindergarten friend and playing with barbies: specifically the 90'sw camper with built in pool.

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