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found a new music artist

like it says on the title, its always fun to find a new artist to listen to :)

anyways, this artist is named Tazumi Toyoshima or "TAZZ", I found her while looking for more city pop artists to listen to. TAZZ is the one that caught my eye (of her on her album "LONELY ONE") (scroll down to see)


Firstly, I listened to her song "まぼろしのQueen" (listen here: and I was absolutely hooked. The calming nature yet jazzy nature of the
song was incredible. Then I put into my playlist and never really looked too deeply into her or her songs.

Until today that is.. I wanted to *cough* create an amv using her music.. so I searched up "まぼろしのQueen eng lyrics" and came across this site (
Which listed all of songs, expect for "まぼろしのqueen" and so I eventually went down a TAZZ rabbit hole.
The site listed down two sites, TAZZ's blog ( & a TAZZ fansite (, and upon discovering the sites I looked around a bit and also discovered a TAZZFAN blog ( And then I came across the jp wiki for TAZZ ( Which gave me enough info (albeit not too much but it's good enough) to know some stuff about her. Which is pretty much what I wanted to know :) and made me a big fan of her music and made her became one of my favorite music artists.

So.. I wanted to make this a blog post because I want more people to know about her. Her AND her music. But also I just like sharing things lol. But eitherway I recommend to check her out esp if you're a City Pop fan you'll like her stuff! So yea thanks for reading!

(btw I saved those urls (tazz's blog, fansite, and fan blog) to the wayback machine)

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☆★ rowan ★☆

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this is so cool! i don't know a ton about city pop, but there's something so special about finding an obscure music artist online that you connect with. this post def gave me a new artist to check out (also ty for archiving those pages god knows how much gets lost these days)!

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Aaa ty!

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