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Dead dudes in my dream

I dreamt I was doing some crime scene clean up in a trailer park. I walked in and there were two dead folks sitting on a couch from the 70's. One was a tiny woman who was basically a skeleton, she looked like the real life version of Peggy Hill. Her skin was blue and covered in mold and what looked like barnacles. She was wearing those big glasses that all of the classic serial killers wore. The other dead person was a large hillbilly man. He was like Larry the cable guy if you left him buried under a frozen tundra for ten years. He was also blue and covered in barnacles. He must have been in the middle of pouring cereal when he died, because he had a bowl of cereal in his hand and a cereal box in the other. I remember thinking "Poor guy, didn't even get to have a final bite of cheerios."  I quickly realized that I have no idea how to do biohazard remediation, so I just started cramming random pieces of these dead people into garbage bags. It was only after I was done that I realized I would probably go to prison for how carelessly I had handled it. Woopsie

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