life this week (interview, etc) + 920london ep!?

work has been cutting my hours like fucking crazy (literally like 10 hrs this week are you for serious lol) but i had an interview at a place even closer to home that pays higher and has a sick as fuck manager im rly hoping i hear back in the next few days. should i update if i get the spot? i kind of hate retail but my job rn isn't really *hard* per se so i can't rly complain when it's opened paths i've never been able to take before. Going from a dead set meds hater to someone who had 2 deal with onset of years long chronic pain only solved by cymbalta feels like the most embarrassing kick to the dick life could have given me but it's whatever.

EDIT: i did NOT get the job lmao back to 10 hours a week straightening 3 aisle for 2 hours bullshit

relatedly i've been trying to lean into making my space less of a hellhole now that i actually have the chance to have control of my surroundings for once. its not much but it's a start lol. i'm waiting to order a lesbian flag too since i'm just borrowing the trans one i have up rn till my family member moves n takes it w him. i thought having flags up in my room would feel sooo embarrassing but it's honestly been pretty cool.

[gift/commission art of me from my friends. credits for: hisuian zorua, sneasel comic, sylveon+glaceon, 920london bonus arts]

best part of this week by far is that my copy of 920london came in on monday and today hana released her EP!!!! plz go check out hana's EP if u get the chance sound of the summer. the first song goes so hard. (also go buy 920london <3)

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OMG where did you get those 920L prints I love your wall sm?? I know they're bonus pages but did you like print them out yourself or did you buy them as prints....

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I printed them myself!!! almost everything is printed myself in this pic besides the small painting ^^ the picture of hana and kiki is actually cropped i want to replace it with the one in full res eventually lol. i just loved the quote on the bonus pages so much I wanted it there as a reminder

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