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Song challenge

Stolen from some blog I saw and modified a little

1. Name a song you have on repeat

She Wants Revenge- SisterĀ 

A perfect Circle- Pet

I usually don't listen to goth music but that album is fire

2. Name a song by a band/artist starting with the letter B:

Bring Me The Horizon- Alligator Blood

3. Name a song you introduced someone else to:

Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers- One Track Mind

4. Name a song with a day of the week or month in the title:

Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends

5. Name a song that mentions summer:

Taking Back Sunday- You're So Last Summer

6. Name a song that feels like a hug:

Jack Off Jill- Vivica

Scarling.- Alexander The Burn Victim (the entire Sweet Heart Dealer album tbh)

Brand New- The No Seatbelt Song

7. Name a song that has great music but terrible lyrics:

Amy Can Flyy- Go Go Gadget Happy Heart

Nickasaur- Xoxo

9. Name a song by a singer who goes by only one name:

Nickasaur- Rocketships And Radios

10. Name a song you like from the 70s:

Buzzcocks- Love You More

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