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Devlog Update

Hello People, 

Right now I am creating a new game in the engine, RPG Maker 2003.

Here's some information about the game:

It will be an RPG (duh)

The game will release on

There will be several characters, bosses, enemies and a big ass map. It also might release on Newgrounds but I'm not so sure.

Inside the game there will be 4 main characters;

Seb, Oskar, Mark and Adam. Seb is the main character and you play as him but during battles you use all 4 characters.

There is also potions shops, weapon shops, armor shops, pubs & Inns. Also there are plenty of NPCs to have some chat with. If you ever get stuck somewhere or don't know what to do, there's a chicken which explains what certain things do.

There is a world map which has 4 worlds, Grassland, Ice land, Desert and Dungeon so far.

In each section I'm trying to add at least 2 bosses per area. And some bosses will be fairly easy and some almost goddamn impossible. 

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