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Creepypasta review - 1999

Length & layout:

The length was mildly off-putting at first, as it was very long, but the little sections that made it feel like a blog entry marked things nicely, and I'd say things were rather clear.



The story was intriguing to say the least, and kept me coming back. The mystery of 'Mr.Bear' and his channel was disturbing and strange. I liked it.

The story itself is well written in my opinion, and I enjoyed it.


Scare factor:

For me, this story is more unsettling than downright horrifying, but it was well done so I didn't really mind. It definitely took a turn for the disturbing towards the end though, and the buildup was nice and steady.


Compared to other pastas:

There was hardly any gore, which is better in some ways, and the story and how it's written certainly makes up for it. There's no evidence of any supernatural occurrences it entities in this pasta, just the atrocities man is capable of. Because of this, the antagonist (Mr. Bear) is arguably more terrifying as his goals and motives are unclear (he isn't a spirit looking for revenge/a demon who punishes the bad).



1999 is a pasta that is more bizarre and unnerving than outrightly terrifying and gory, and I really appreciate it for that. The story is well written and feels full, unlike other pastas that can be found. The story builds up and stays in track on the whole, but the bits that maybe aren't as relevant, such as the junk e-mails or why Eliott hasn't been writing in so long, paired with the subtitles only makes it feel more like a blog and in some ways, more realistic which obviously works in the pasta's favour.

Overall score:


Link to '1999'

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X virus please

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Nice I have not touched Creepypasta in years

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Me neither but I'm getting back into it (芬喇芬)

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Also I forgot to mention that if you have a specific Creepypasta you'd like me to review just post it here in the comments!! I'll read in the order that they are posted.

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