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winamp iz dope

idk why but a couple days ago i said "TO HELL WITH SPOTIFY," probably to save an extra $10 a month, and decided to just listen to stuff I own. downloading stuff is kinda addicting too. like i remember in high school i'd sit at the back of my geometry class and just download sims cc the entire time. I barely passed BUT GODDAMN DO MY SIMS LOOK COOL.

it's also more fun to branch out cuz you can just download things that look interesting and see if u like it.

plus winamp just looks rly nice :^) 

its gonna suck to have an incomplete library for a while though, cuz i listen to so much fucking music already and the fact that i have to buy all that is… probably gonna b expensive. baby steps i guess. plus my laptop doesnt have a cd player built in?? so i cant put any of those on there yet. i already have a good amount stuff to get me by for now

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btw for cds you can just buy a dvd drive. I have some really cheap one, it costed like 6$ and it works well ig

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Yeah i've been meaning to buy one at some point! i don't have many CDs yet though so that might be where most of the expense comes from lol. And im using the modern layout

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I love winamp!! I'm also using aimp bcs it has more options.
what layout are you using?

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i been dling all my music 2 instead of usin Spotify n not havin everything rlly is painful q-q I hav a playlist of about 1k songs, and i only dled 200 so far,,, I want all of it dammit!!!

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also, soz if dis is oversteppin but ik a site where u can dl music from yt n add ur own album art n all dat!! it’s nice for when u listen 2 music dat isn’t purchasable anywhere or if u listen 2 a l o t and don’t have enough money 4 it all. im in both categoriez so :’)

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oooh whats the website? tbh, i tend to not like downloading stuff from youtube because im a stickler for quality but I'm kinda desperate so i'll give it a shot XD

by DEADPSYCHE; ; Report !! i hear u tho, i try to find the highest quality possible n 1 of the songz i dled still soundz like shittt qwq

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Sounds nice. "Have to buy all that"?
ugh yeah I hate not having a cd player, least I don't think my desktop has one..That'll make owning cds not as fun.

I used to use itunes, same account since 2010 or so but my stepdad stole it and changed the password about a decade ago, so idk if I can ever recover it. idk how it was still able to open it on my computer (the one from 2015-August 2022), I took it for granted. Nowadays I just have a youtube tab open and that's it.

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The good thing about itunes is that you can upload local files there, so you could still technically use it with all the music you currently have :0 unless most of the disappointment comes from losing such an old account, then rip :( Honestly i've thought about using youtube but the ads drive me nuts lol

and yeah, a lot of the music i like is only available if i buy it amazon or something. I think the cheapest way to go about it would be to buy used CDs, but again, but i wont be able to do that till i get a cd player :,D I know some people do that youtube-to-mp3 thing but i don't really the quality drop when i do that.

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huh, I didn't know that. I guess I'll try. I never get ads, though I use plain yt, not Youtube Music, and also have adnauseum which might block ads.
mhm. I never knew there was a quality drop. From 2019-August 2022, I was downloading off youtube using 4k video downloader.

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