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Root's Eventlog 39

Event log 39


Not too much to report at the moment tbh.

Classes have started for me. Those are fun(?) CompSci stuff and a criminology course as a required humanities elective. I kinda knew the prof before joining so that's mostly why. Nothing to do with ace attorney brain-rot I promise.

I finished half-life 2. It was fucking great! Now I'm making my way through Alyx. I think I'm like, 1/3 to 1/2 the way through. It's fun, really liking Alyx and Russel's dynamic.

So I'm working on a project of sorts. I'm porting a few pages here in SpaceHey to ChilloutVR. How a webpage gets "ported" to a Social VR game is the question I'm figuring out. More or less just thought it'd be cool so I'm doing that. Most of it is being done by me but I'm uploading it under Jill The Something's account for reasons. He's a friend of mine. Cool person.

I also need one more person's profile(and blog) to use for this project. You can even design the space a bit. IM me for more details.


What is the future of the internet?

Personally I know it's not blockchain crap but hopefully it'll still be more decentralized so we don't have more musk situations. idk

Stay cool B>

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It all starts with Ace Attorney. Justice calls, my friend

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