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Garfield X Hello Kitty PART 1/? (soft) (heartwarming) COLLAB with Mimi

~HELLO KITTY POV~ (BL3H :P XD :3333 <333)

hewwo! :3 im hello kitty!! im just an normal cat girl wiff a normal life going 2 meme high school x3 but therez something about me that no one knowz yet bc i have a secwet... anywayz!! my best fwiend is my melerby ^w^ we have one class which is history class and my crush GARFIELD is in here!! hes so totally cute and ive beem in love wiff him since 2nd gwade >////< my melerby syays itz totez hopeless and he doesnt evne know i exwist (*~*) but thats ok! ill make him notice me!

_-_-GARFIELD POV-_-_ (-o-)

Hello. My Name Is Garfield. I Am In The Twelve Grade. I Am One Of The Chillest People In This School, You Can Say I Am A Well Known Emo Drug Dealing Stoner Who Listens To MCR. I Love Having Bitches On My Fat 12 Inch Cock. Recently I Have Been Hearing That A New Little Kitten Wants To Come To My Life. And I Find It Ironic As Her Name Is Kitty.

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Patiently waiting for next part pls!🤞

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