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So I figured I'd show my age and write about my pregnancy which is almost at an end. Yay!

So this is my 3rd pregnancy, but with 13 years between the last, it kinda feels like a well knowledgeable first lol. And oh boy, has this child really tested me on what I knew about pregnancy before. We've dealt with subchorionic hematomas (a blood clot in between the uterus and placenta), placenta praevia (the placenta covering the cervix), malnutrition and weightloss due to hyperemesis gravidarum (a severe and long lasting morning sickness in its lamest terms) and vitamin deficiencies. And now we are currently dealing with possible preterm labor. Only 10 more days until we are in the clear, doing my best to withstand the early labor contractions and make it through.

But what I have discovered is there's a lot of technical data on the internet to explain preterm labor and labor, but there's not a lot of personalized questions. While going through this, I had one specific question, can you have false labor contractions at the same time as true labor contractions? Knowing this would let me know if all my contractions are the same, and which ones to pay attention to, or which to dismiss completely. But no matter where I looked, I couldn't find an actual answer. I found the difference between them, I found a lot of confusion, I found tracking apps, but not even a forum question that explained how someone had a similar question or went through what they expected were both at the same time. Making me think the experts are just as confused as I am lol. For something that's been going on since humans first graced this planet, it's so wow to me that pregnancy and birth is so unknown. It's abrupt and spontaneous, keeping every mother, father, parent, and doctor on their toes at near all times.

I do think instead of studying just the pregnancy and labor itself. We could learn more by studying the quirks of the pregnant person themselves. Like studying how certain hormones affect them before they became pregnant. Like how was their puberty? Did they have painful periods or nausea and vomiting? Short and sweet periods? I never had issues during mine, and now have a history of precipitous labor (extremely fast labor). Do they have any medical conditions that make them more likely to have certain complications or just more likely to have certain symptoms. I have a GI disease and for every one of my pregnancies the morning sickness has been unreal. Now this could be coincidental, of course. But I can't find any information or studies done on people BEFORE they got pregnant, so maybe it would help, maybe it would be a waste. Who knows.

Anyways, those are my thoughts about birthing for the day. Gotta go try and make sure this little guy doesn't kill me for the day lol.

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