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thinking abt sonic the hedgehog series

hiii i recently got into the sonic series and shadow has Always been my fave even if i knew nothing abt him..now that im more into sth i know more stuff and im more attached to him and i Love his themes so much i think my favorites are "Live and Learn" of course and also "I Am...All of Me" and "Waking Up" and "Never Turn Back" and "Almost Dead" RAAAHHHH THEYRE TOO GOOD!!!! they get me so pumpeddd
i like shadow because of his detailed backstory, personality, and just overall character design. red + black is always such a good combination rgrghrh i just like edgy characters in general. shadow is such a good character i dont have the brainpower to explain what i love about his backstory its too much aaaaaa
shadow isnt my only favorite character though...i also really really love team chaotix (charmy, vector, and espio) THEYRE SO SILLY TOGETHERRRRRR charmy being the immature one, espio being the mature one, and vector being Both mature and immature is such a good combination of personalities. it gives so much opportunity for lots of funny interactions. I LOVE CHARACTER INTERACTIONS!!!!!! i think its really funny how espio is 16? but way more mature than vector whos 20. Wtf!! charmys 6 so it makes sense for him to be the most immature one.


another one of my favorites is surge the tenrec!! shes so me its crazyy .i dont have much to say about her other than "i love her" and "shes so cool" but its trueee shes SOO COOLLL!!! the way all her panels are drawn is so so awesome and i love her expressionsssss
i Also love dr starline, which its so hard to have him as my favorite because of his relationship with surge and the whole..creating her for no reason other than to kill sonic and AUUGHHH him dying rghrghhjnhfhjdfjhds THAT WAS SO SUDDEN I WAS. NOT READYYYYYYYY. Guy who freaks it before being crushed by falling rubble UUGHHHH ACTUALLY INSANE. IM SO SAD ABT ITTT [explodes 1 million times]
i miss dr starlineeeeee its not enough to see him only through surges traumatic hallucinations i NEED him alive. Sorry surge ermm........................

Ok thats all i have to say bye lol

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