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mentally exhausting!! i think (huge vent #1)

am i doing the right thing in lifeeee, I feel pretty ok but I just wonder if this is right. idk idk idk idk whats right and whats wrong? do I have good friends? am i being a good person? do i know my worth? HELP im stressing this is upsetting and im forgetting WHY IM EVEN BEGGING for help rn. jeez jeez jeez. maybe I just need some sleep but im not tired.. maybe i just need some reassurance but who will reassure me, what do i need reassurance on? idk I really dont know, what was the point of this, i forgot..

im kind of panicking idk if im okay idk whats wrong with me, why do i feel this way? 

it's getting harder to breathe idk whats happening, help...?

i really cant breathe, i think i might cry, its too late for this..

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this is how i feel like my life is going....

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awhh, things can be super hard!!

I hope that things will get better for you and for me in fact.

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