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It's really 90s?

The first time I can remember anyone making a big deal about shoes was the beginning of the 7th grade, 1989. Throughout the 90s, there were great colors. I remember Bugle Boy offering jean shorts in primary colors and wild "day glow" t-shirts. So imagine my excitement when I find these shoes at my local store store in 2022.

Champion Drome 19

I thought it was 90s-inspired, but I can't find any men's shoes from then that look like what I remember. For instance, the two most popular shoes in my 1989-1990 year were Nike Air Jordans and Reebok Pumps ... but they weren't colorful.

1990 Nike Air Jordan1990 Reebok Pump

I can't figure out where I got this idea. 30 years later, maybe my memory is fading. The two items I can track down are both from 1998, and by then, I wasn't a teenager: the Seinfeld 8-ball jacket and the Motorola StarTAC.

Seinfeld 8-ball jacketRainbow Motorola StarTAC

So maybe the shoes aren't authentically 90s. And maybe my memory is starting to fade. And maybe, as my hair all starts turning white, I want to recapture those colors I thought I remembered so well.

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