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Puppet Combo is epic

I love puppet combo so much, they have the coolest retro horror games out there that really reflect the ambiance of what the games were back in the day along with how the stories themselves were back in the day in movies! It is a nice combination that's entertaining, my favorite of their games is:

Feed Me Billy: I love this game because of how it represents someone going a downward spiral into a killing maniac by sacrificing bodies to a God that may be part of his imagination (I have an obsession for those types of games where you see the villain be born). As well as you cannot distinguish between what could be fact and reality and these things blending together is confusing and stressful in a realistic way, it makes me feel like I'm not alone with my disorder.

Nun Massacre/Night of the Nun: THE CLASSIC, THE MASTERPIECE. Love this game's aesthetic, themes and gameplay. It had a very clever way to tell you the story along with using your own paranoia of the nun against you. This game is so good that even if you watch a gameplay it will never beat the actual feeling of experiencing this terrifying game.

Day Seven: Even though this game is crude, I cant disagree it is an accurate representation of what an in the backrooms would actually feel like. It does a create work in setting the abismal aura of the entire place and makes you scared of something happening even though nothing really happens (by that i mean puppet combo style, there's still death and all)

Glass Staircase: Another classic. This one taking inspiration on Italian horror movies, it does a good job with its atmosphere, gameplay and storytelling. I wish I could watch it all over again without prior knowledge of it again because its pretty amazing.

that's all for this entry, next time Ill probably talk about Clocktower or Chilla's art in this category

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