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sing to me

you took me to the water

showed me the body, face down

I felt sick to my stomach

I held in my bile to make you proud 

aren’t you proud?

just looking for something to fight for

you told me you might join the armed forces

spat to the ground as you walked

I did it too

don’t you think I look cool?

I’m just like you

I’ve never been a fighter

I’ve never wanted to win the war

you think I’m wasting time talking to myself

I walk along the road to be be adored

head out the window 

tongue through his fingers

I kind of wish he would just mow me down

throw me in the back of that trunk

sing to me, drive me around

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This is Really Beautiful <3 I am thinking of creating a book of poetry in Wattpad, would I be able to include this piece? All the necessary/requested credits will be given, as well as anything else youd Like Done upon approval :)

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